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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Elizabeth VanBuskirk Bannon Davis Comes Alive

In the past week I have learned a great deal more about this lady's family. She can be proud of her descendants. Four children: Sarah A Bannon; John Bannon; William Davis and Nancy Jane Davis. Among her grandchildren are several Civil War Patriots. Among her great grandchildren are WWI and great great grandchildren are WWII Patriots. Were any 0f them rich and famous? No, but they were honorable people, both males and females, and they had progeny, thus keeping Elizabeth's genes alive and well. And so to, her father John Van Buskirk's, my gr gr gr grandfather.

I am working on a new wrinkle in her daughter, Sarah's life. I am waiting for three death certs - one each from Indiana, Illinois and Iowa. This shows that Elizabeth's family was typical of the 19th century, always moving west.

Why am I studying Elizabeth? Because she has been all but forgotten in history and I believe her story is worthy of knowing. Stay tuned as I discover more stories to share with you.

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