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Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Children Of Elizabeth Van Buskirk Bannon Davis

At last, I have received the microfilms of marriages in some of the pertinent counties of Ohio. These are the counties where I felt I may glean the most genealogical information about the children of Elizabeth Van Buskirk. I now have copies of the marriages of the three children that I know of to date. One lesson learned, was to not trust the transcription or indexing of records. A book of Mercer County Ohio Marriages compiled some years ago by a well meaning genealogist has a serious error! The deposition that John Bannon made to allow his sister (assuming here), Sarah to marry Thomas Ligget had been transcribed as ELIZABETH Ann Ferguson. I was puzzled as to who this Elizabeth was, perhaps another child of Elizabeth Van Buskirk? I was glad to see the actual deposition and learn it ACTUALLY said "Mrs Sarah Ann Ferguson". So my theory is running true to form. John Bannon and Sarah Bannon Ferguson Liggett had a family connection, and most likely as brother and sister. I wondered why a lady, a widow, and age 23 would need a person to swear she was eligible for marriage to Thomas Liggett. It seems the concern was that they had each been married before and someone needed to state they had no living spouses.

I thought you may be interested in seeing marriage records from 1840, 1841 and 1847. I find them the "best read in town". Next to come -- the children of John Bannon.

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