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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Nancy Bannon Harper 1849-1937 Granddaughter Of Elizabeth Van Buskirk Bannon Davis

Wow!! I found an excellent web site that led me to Ohio Death Certificates 1908-1950 --- for free. I found the death cert for Nancy Jane Bannon Harper. She is the youngest child of John Bannon and Margaret Hesser. Once again, the children of these folks, the informants on the death certificates say the father in the family was Wm Bannon!!! I can understand -- somewhat, because John Bannon and Margaret Hesser died so young. Nancy Jane herself would have been a very small girl when her parents died. However, on Nancy's death certificate, the mother's maiden name was HESSER, so Nancy's daughter got that part right. I believe the error is made because they had an uncle William Bannon, and it seemed logical to them that he was named after the father. The only saving grace in this case is that Nancy Jane was the informant for her brother's death certificate and SHE said their father was JOHN Bannon and their mother was Margaret Hesser. So once again, it is a good lesson about accuracy when reporting facts. It may be 70 years later (in this case) but someone, sometime, will look at those records. Please be accurate!!!

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