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Saturday, May 24, 2008

1/2 The Wait is Over -- DAR Says No To Abraham Sankey!

I have hesitated to report on the supplemental application to DAR to establish Abraham Sankey as a Revolutionary Patriot. I am deeply disappointed that I could not convince DAR that he is a patriot. What is the problem you may ask? It was that the Oath of Allegiance was signed in 1778 and the delinquent list was in 1779. Thus they will be satisfied only if I find proof of service between 1779 and 1783 when the War ended. My first instinct was to write them a nasty letter! But on second thought I decided to leave it alone. I have two years to resolve the problem and who knows -- something may drop into my lap dated after 1779. Delaware mainly recorded the delinquent lists rather than the service records, so it is doubtful I will find anything else. I do not plan to spend anymore money on the project, so because a trip to Delaware to their Archives is not likely, I don't feel optimistic about it. At least I tried -- and I know in my heart that Abraham Sankey WAS a Revolutionary Patriot!

I am still waiting for the outcome for Benjamin Clifton.


Randy Seaver said...


Have you done a search for Abraham Sankey on in the Revolutionary War Pension records? Not for a pension file for him, but to see if he was mentioned in a description of service or as a witness for someone else in his regiment that filed for a pension.

If you don't have a Footnote subscription, they offer a 14-day free trial. You can also search at an LDS Family History Center that has access to for free on their computer system.

Good luck -- Randy Seaver

GenPatty said...

Yes, Footnote is where I found the delinquent lists. There are no other military records for him and he died in 1787 -- long before Revolutionary Pensions were being applied for by the "regular" veterans. My only hope is to find some unpublished record at the Delaware State Archives for service after June 1789. Thanks for the hints though. patj