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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Geneology Yes -- But A Different Venue

I am sorry, but my ancestors have to be patient with me for awhile. I am doing genealogy --- but for prospective members for DAR membership. I admit it is my favorite thing to do, but it means my own folks must quietly wait until I get back to them. Fortunately I did not have any pressing projects when I became Registrar for Friday's Council Tree Chapter, NSDAR. I am working hard to increase our membership and involve new ladies in DAR. It is fun to talk about DAR and get prospectives excited about it. It is even more fun to dig deep to help them fill in the weak links they may have in their lineage. I am not ashamed to say it is rewarding to work on "more co-operative" ancestors for a little while. Maybe they know I need a break from trying to break through brick walls? At any rate, it is a nice break. Our chapter will be growing by leaps and bounds soon. It is challenging to say the least. Our main ingredient for a healthy chapter is to respect each other and treat all of our members with dignity and good manners. Wish us luck. patj

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