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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Remember When You Were Young?

I couldn't help thinking about something today. I was thinking "how does a person remember when they were young?" It isn't like one day you are young and the next day you aren't. So how can I define that age? I decided it was easy.

Just remember when everyone you knew and who was important to you was alive. Remember when no one close had died? I do. My parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins were all alive. It was so natural to know that I would see them again and to take that for granted. It was a special time that was not to last forever. How innocent and lovely that time was, even with the troubles, it was good. Fortunately, change usually happens slowly so we aren't suddenly devastated by so much, but in reflecting over 70 years or so it is clear that that age is gone forever.

Fortunately, God, or whatever you call your Higher Power, gave us the great gift of memory. If we stay healthy mentally, we can recreate that special time and remember those people that we knew when they were young and vibrant and so important to us.

I am so blessed to have good memories stashed away. For my birthday I received a cd of one of my favorites, Cat Stevens. There is a line I love in his song "Father & Son". He says, "Look at me, I am old but I am happy, you have so much to go through." This is my motto these days. I am old but I am happy. I wouldn't change my place for anything.

What is the theme of this story? "Cherish Yesterday, Dream Tomorrow and Live Today"

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Lewis' Journey said...

Love It!!

We miss you Grandma!