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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pleasant Valley In Summer & Winter

The picture I use at the start of my blog is from one of my favorite places in Larimer County. I decided to change it with the seasons, so this is the summer version that you have all seen for some time and, at the top is the winter version. Both taken from the top of Bingham Hill. It looks down toward Bellvue and in the distance is the start of Rist Canyon. The closest town is LaPorte, Colorado and it is older than Fort Collins. Hidden behind the hill is the Cache la Poudre River and this is where the French trappers settled to do their lucrative trapping. To the left, down the hill is the place where the Frenchmen cached their gunpowder to keep it safe while they worked, thus the name Cache la Poudre. Don't you agree that I live in a beautiful place? I never dreamed, in 1988 when John and I moved to Fort Collins, that this would finally be the place I call home. I may not always live here as that is a temporary illusion and many things determine that, but this is where I will imagine when I say home, no matter where I may live. I will change the version of Pleasant Valley again in the Spring and Summer and Fall. Stay tuned and come visit if the opportunity ever presents itself. patj

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