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Saturday, February 19, 2011

An Afternoon At Lyric Cinema --- Barney's Version

Some days I just have to do something different. Today, Saturday, 19 February 2011 was one of those days. I had read a review of "Barney's Version" and decided today was a good day to walk over to Mountain Avenue to Lyric Cinema and see it. Going to Lyric Cinema is an adventure in itself and then to top it off with a good movie makes it a good day. Lyric Cinema is an "unusual" movie theater. It is also a cafe if you just want to eat. There are two movie theaters inside, 2 & 3. #2 was just finishing up a birthday party for some little kids when I got there so the crew was cleaning up from spilled popcorn and pop and trash. I guess it was a cartoon sort of birthday party. When you first walk in the theater part it takes a few moments to adjust your eyes. You immediately see two big sofas and a loveseat at the front of the long, deep narrow room and you wonder "Hmm what kind of theater is this anyway?" The regular theater seats are obviously recycled seats from old time theaters, but the neat thing is they rock like a rocking chair. Very nice, if you are the rocking chair type that is. I am, so I enjoy the seats very much.

Eventually the music starts and it is very pleasant, Simon & Garfunkel, some Harominca music, an old 1920's song and on and on with things that trigger memories, and if you are young and don't remember these tunes, it is just plain nice music. It definitely sets the mood for an escape from the everyday cares, which is what movies are all about anyway, right? Next the ads and the previews start. The people that work at Lyric Cinema each have a slide that jibes them and their personalities. One lady is at her best when "she is clearing the rain forest or hunting endangered species in Africa". The owners little kids show up as well with a plea to buy treats at the theater rather than bringing them in from outside -- "so the little ones don't starve". Another girl gave up her "Maori job of handcatching Whales to work at Lyric Cinema". These slides are funny and make the time go by as we wait for the movie to start. Lyric Cinema shows some pretty controversial movies and some foreign ones as well, so the previews are not the typical previews.

Finally the movie started. "Barney's Version". The story of a man's life and the comedies and errors within. Excellent acting in my opinion. It may never win an Oscar, but that is okay as it is a very good movie. It ended up being a beautiful love story and I thought, "I have lived my whole life waiting for someone to love me like that". But wait a minute -- didn't I actually have that? Sometimes we don't see the forest for the trees. When I am truly honest, I know I have had people that loved me like Barney loved Miriam. Love, like beauty, truly is in the eye of the beholder, right? It was a great movie, funny, sad, deep at times and very enjoyable.

Yes, this Saturday afternoon was a special day. I hope you had one as well. patj

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