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Friday, February 18, 2011

John Storms of Grayson Co KY Did Not Marry Patsy Poole

"At the time he married his third wife, April 8, 1816 in White County IL"

To show the power of the Internet, I found that this story has circulated and been repeated over and over again, that John Storms of Grayson Co Kentucky married a 3rd wife named Patsy Poole in White Co Illinois. I felt I needed to know if this story was true. After ordering and reading numerous microfilms I can finally put this theory to rest. Just a word of caution -- don't believe everything you read on the Internet

#1. I find in the White Co Index to Probate that Patsy Stum (wife of John Stum)is the only child of Thomas and Fanny Poole dated (Aug 1829)
#2. In Phillipstown Old Cemetery Phillips Twp White Co Illinois is buried John Stum died 18 Feb 1839 Age 56 and Martha Stum his wife died 6 Nov 1834 age 31. As you know Patsy is a nickname for Martha--- so this must be the Patsy Poole that so many think my John Storms married in 1816.
#3 The link to White Co Illinois may be thru my John Storms son Daniel who lived there.
#4 Hopefully this will clear up this misinformation that has been circulated and recirculated for years. A little actual research solved this puzzle.
#5 I am looking for actual proof that Margaret Storms Pryor Hart is the daughter of John Storms and Hannah Collard of Grayson Co KY. I sure would appreciate some clues about that. The above was posted by me on the Storms Rootsweb Message Board on 19 Dec 2010.

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