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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

2011--The Year Of Awards & Surprises

This will likely be my last blog post for the year 2011.I print a book at the end of each year of my blog, so to get that done in time for December 31 I need to stop now. I will just end the year with a recap of what has happened that I think is significant. Last night was a nice finale to the year for me as I was awarded the 2011 Volunteer of the Year at the Larimer County Genealogical Society Christmas Dinner. It is worth so much to have the people that know you best to say you are outstanding. Especially, if those folks are genealogists. They are certainly not easy to fool by any means. Not that they are a tough crowd of people, they are simply very good analyzers. I felt honored by the award --- for sure.

It seems 2011 is my year for awards. At the Colorado Society Daughters of the American Revolution State conference in April I was awarded the VIS Voulnteer of the year. VIS in DAR terminology means Volunteer Information Service (Websites). There are forty DAR chapters in Colorado and almost 100% of them have websites, so to be awarded this out of all of them is quite an honor. Especially since my website skills are self taught and not very fancy. You can see it here

The surprises were topped off by my trip to Kentucky in August. I was surprised that I could financially manage it and even come in under budget. If only our government could do the same, right? But, as great as it was, I find now that I really need to go back and do more poking around in Kentucky. I wonder if I can pull it off again. Of course, if a person wants to do something enough they will find a way, so we will see what happens in 2012.

Another big surprise came in the last week in July. Don Rightmyer, editor of the magazine "Kentucky Ancestors" informed me that my article on my Simon Pryor and Susanna Morgan would be the lead article in the Summer issue. He sent me complimentary copies but of course they didn't arrive until after I had left for Kentucky. I was thrilled and surprised to see "my" magazine on the rack at the Kentucky Historical Society when I visited there. I have sent him four stories to date and "John Craig of Otter Creek" will be the lead story in the January issue. He has "Three Kentucky Generations of the Closs Thompson Family" and "John Storms and Hannah Collard, My Mystery Ancestors". Whether he ever publishes them I don't know, but he has them. Since I have learned to write using Chicago Style of Manual, 16th edition, the stories are coming fast and fiurious. They will eventually be in my own book at some point in the future.

How could I forget to mention the TV Series Larimer County Genealogical Society is producing? I reluctantly agreed to do one program on the subject "Family History Centers and the Family History Library". What a nervous sort of fun that was. Not being at all photographic I wondered why I would let the whole world know that. But at my age I don't have much to lose, so I figured, "Why not? it will be a new experience." Not quite like "Who Do You Think You Are" the stars have to write their own script. It is a big job and adds to the anxiety of the situation by trying to have to make sense to the audience in the time allowed. Actually it was fun. Then I was asked to do another TV program on "Wills and Probate Records". That turned into a great research project as I researched the subject. I ended up with a nice Power Point called "The End of the Story". So it was a good thing. In January I will do another program on the subject, "Directories". Who would have guessed, that there are many new things and unimagined experiences to enjoy throughout our lives. It was fun, and it doesn't hurt to be a bit nervous once in awhile.

Not a surprise and not really an award -- Thanksgiving with my three great grandsons and their parents (my grandsons) and their grandparents (my daughter and son in law). There are two little boys sitting down in front and they are ages 2 and 5, and one little boy in his mom's arms and he is 1. They are what life is all about, our descendants. Why else do genealogy? And my daughter MUST have been standing on a hill in the grass because I am sure I am taller than she is!!

And the nicest thing was when my youngest daughter visited from Maui in September and we all three got together for lunch in Longmont. It was a fun afternoon. Unfortunately, I had a surprise yet to come that day as my truck died on me on the way home and it was 9pm before I got home. But all things got fixed and it is ALMOST forgotten. Anyone know of a good, single, senior citizen that is a car mechanic?

Yes, 2011 was a very good year for me. I learned so many new things, accomplished things I didn't think I could do, met so many nice people, enjoyed my safe and cozy home, and most of all had good health. Good health is the biggest blessing I can think of. I can hardly wait to see what good things 2012 holds for me, and for you as well. Happy New year to all. Patj

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