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Monday, February 13, 2012

I Had It First! Not Your Grandmother's Genealogy

At the end of 2010 I designed a new genealogy Power Point program. I called it "Not Your Grandmother's Genealogy". In February 2011 I presented my new genealogy program to the Larimer County Genealogical Society in Fort Collins, Colorado. In January 2012 I presented the same program to the Cheyenne Genealogical Society in Cheyenne, Wyoming. I have presented it to a few other genealogy societies as well. Imagine my surprise when I arrived at Cheyenne to find the accompanying newspaper article in the Wall Street Journal dated December 1, 2011. My friend, Judy E, laughed as she showed me the article she had found in the paper.

I said, "But wait a minute, I had it first!" We both laughed and I was sort of flattered that my title was used by the reporter at the Wall Street Journal. Someone famous once said, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." Of course, the reporter at the Wall Street Journal has never heard of Pat Johnson or my program, but I can spin it any way I want to, after all it is my title and my blog, right?

Today, I received the article from Judy E in Cheyenne, and it brought a smile once again as I had dismissed it in January. I will keep it as a momento of the day when I was famous, even if it is only vicariously. Life is fun and interesting and full of surprises. Who knows what is next. Stay tuned, Patj

1 comment:

judegen said...

So true, Pat. I am glad that you enjoyed the article and could take the name in stride! Judy Engelhart, Cheyenne

PS-you are a preferred speaker with our society! Cheyenne Genealogical and Historical is now on facebook. Look for us.