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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Visions Of Tombstones Dance In My Head

I have taken on a new job. I am helping upload cemetery photos of a local cemetery to Find A Grave. It is a very addictive hobby. Sometimes the tombstones tell a sad story, more so than normal that is.

I can not help but marvel at how beautiful our largest cemetery in Fort Collins is. It is a gift to genealogists everywhere that may be researching Larimer County Colorado.

To see a sample copy and paste this url in your browser window.

This is the oldest person I have seen so far. Mary Pendergast was born in 1823. When she was born the President of the United States was James Monroe. With the promise of free land, Americans were moving to Texas at the invitation of the Mexican Government. (Hmmmm maybe this wasn't such a smart thing to do?) "Home Sweet Home" and "Turkey In The Straw" were popular songs of the day.

At any rate, you will understand if I start describing favorite tombstones like some people describe favorite vacation spots. It is because I am not only an enabler, I am a genealogy enthusiast as well. Stay tuned for further developments, Patj

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