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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Retire From Doing Genealogy Programs? Maybe Not Yet

June 5, 2012 happened to be the hottest day so far this summer. As I traveled to Boulder, Colorado to present a program to the Boulder Genealogical Society, I was sort of in a grumpy mood. It was hot, it was very windy, I don't have air conditioning, I was way to early, I was in heavy traffic, looking for a place I had never been before, etc, etc, etc.  I turned west at Baseline Road and Highway 287. With only a small hook in Baseline Road at Cherryvale, I had a straight shot to Mohawk Drive, my next destination.

The Boulder Genealogical Society meets at the Mountain View Methodist Church. I found the Church easy enough and had time to get somewhat put back together before I went in the south entrance.

Hmmmmmm, the basement was deserted and dark. Finally a lady came and I asked where the Genealogical Society meets and she said, "In that room", but it was dark and no one was here yet. She was surprised and I was wondering why I had put myself through this. As I said, I was a bit grumpy today anyway. The lady and I got busy setting the chairs and tables up for the meeting. Finally, folks started arriving, and helped set the room up. This group has a class before the meeting so I sat through that and finally at 7:40 I was able to set up my computer and their projector for my program.

At 8pm I finally started my presentation. Then the whole atmosphere changed and I was in a good mood. Once I start talking about DAR or genealogy I am a happy camper, and this program combines those subjects. The audience was very attentive, asked good questions and I had a good time. As I was gathering my equipment for the trip home, several ladies came after the program with specific DAR questions and I always enjoy answering those.

Surprisingly, people were quite interested in my being a contributor to the Kentucky Ancestors magazine. I have added that to my bio that the program person uses to introduce me. It is fun to talk about Kentucky, another of my favorite subjects.   I have to say it was a most enjoyable evening, once I cooled off and cooled down.

As I opened the door to go out, the fresh mountain air swept over me and I was totally renewed.  The world was beautiful and the air felt so good, as it can only feel in Boulder, Colorado.  When I first moved to Colorado in 1971, I lived in Longmont and I would go to Boulder because I loved the town and I loved the air.  It has always been different there, and I can not explain it.  Last night I felt that same feeling about the mountain air.

I drove home to Fort Collins with the windows down, the radio on, and enjoying the whole trip.  I started out the afternoon feeling lousy, and ended up feeling great.

On my trip to Boulder, I told myself, "I am going to retire from public speaking." I thought that maybe I would start knitting or some other pursuit with less chance of frustration -- but by the time the evening ended, I had changed my mind.  I will keep going as long as anyone asks me to speak.  Why?  Because I enjoy it.  And maybe because I am a "ham" at heart.  

So, I am a believer in what Abraham Lincoln said, " People are about as happy as they have a mind to be".  Today I was a perfect example of this in action.  Life is so good and so complex, I am forever grateful for it all, grumpiness included.


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