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Saturday, December 15, 2012

2012 WAS A Very Good Year Until December 14

I cry today for the children, the parents, the school, the teachers, the World.  Of course, a gun was the deadly instrument that did the actual killing, but I believe there is much more to blame.  Yes, the deranged animal that was missing that human component called empathy did the planning and carried out the plan.  But the de-sensitizing that has happened to so many in our society is the biggest culprit.  Video games that make killing seem the fun thing to do.  The TV shows that are so centered on vilolence.  The movies that tell terrible tales of people hunting each other and killing each other.  The Internet, such a great tool and yet so powerful in helping warp already dysfunctional people.
What a terrible way to end this year.  There are not words to express my sorrow.  Sataan is alive, and oh so well.  Patj 

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