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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Happy Birthday #81 -- You Are Free Now

August 21, 2013 John E Johnson would have been age 81.  I remember him as he looks in this picture. This was shortly after I had learned to ride my Harley.

In this picture we were east of Greeley heading toward Sterling, Colorado and this was one of our favorite stopping places.  Because we had our bikes loaded with packs, we must have been starting a bike trip with our tent, sleeping bags, etc etc. What a wonderful time we had in those days.  Free and easy and taking things as they came.  Not luxurious traveling for sure, but fun and challenging.

Would I trade these memories?  Not on your life.  Would I trade having known and married John E Johnson? Not on your life.  Even with all the challenges, heartaches, and sad times, and of course the happy times, I wouldn't have missed it for the World.

Happy Birthday John E Johnson, RILYA Patj

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