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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Newest Member Of My Family

August 5, 2013 -- A beautiful little baby girl was born.  She has not been named yet, so there are still some surprises to look forward to. She is my first great granddaughter.  She joins my three great grandsons that have already started this generation.  She has an older brother and two cousins to protect her and cherish her.  Not to mention a large family of adults to adore her.

But most important are the many women that are in her army of ancestors.  She is the latest to take her place in the family, but she is not alone.  She is the culmination of so many various nationalities and cultures and she is a gift from all of them.  

Of course, I can hardly wait to hold her and look in her eyes.  I think her parents should name her "Miracle" because that is what she is.

RILYA  G'ma Patj

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