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Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day 2103 In Windsor, Colorado

                                                                                                              Before The Parade

 At The Parade

What fun!!  29 people took part in the success of our float entry in the Harvest Festival Parade for 2013.  It was a huge parade with over 100 floats entered.  It was a huge parade with Walnut Street and 7th Street both lined solid with folks enjoying a good old fashioned Labor Day tradition.  Our group ranged in age from 5 to 78.  How can you beat that for an inner-generational event.  Windsor seems to have adopted their DAR chapter as they applauded as we went by -- or is it Dave's beautiful 1949 Chevy truck they are applauding?  Whatever the motive, we will take it.  My favorite thing?  Seeing our Colonial 13 Star Flag and our 50 Star Flag flying in the breeze as we took the float to the beginning spot.  What a scene that is -- so symbolic -- so simple -- so patriotic.  Our chapter banner had a prime spot in the back of the pickup and it was an eye stopper, for sure.  We had so many energetic walkers passing out flags to the onlookers, one in particular, named Abraham Lincoln.  A younger, shorter Abraham Lincoln but he was serious about his mission today. We passed out somewhere in the neighborhood of 7,000 American flags and as always, it was what the kids reached for and then immediately started waving them on the sidelines.  There is just something about the American flag that captures our hearts.

To sum it up, it was a patriotic day, it was a great American day, it was so much fun we must do it again next year.  It is a lot of work to do this but it is so worth it.   Patj

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