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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dorothy Olive Cary --- Age Thirteen

On January 29, 2014 this young lady would have been age ninety six. Here she is as a typical teenager in Ottumwa, Iowa.  I suspect she may have wanted to be somewhere else that day, perhaps with her girl friends or maybe a boy.

When she looked at that picture as an older woman she said, "I wasn't interested in family that was there that day, I was more interested in boys."  The family that was there that day was her immediate family of parents and younger brother and sister, her aunts and uncles, cousins, maternal grandmother, and maternal great grandparents.  How I wish I could have been there to hear the conversations and the noise that many children cause.

This was about 1931 and great grandparents, Jencene and Eugene Casey were on their last trip and were visiting all of their progeny.  Later, I learned that Eugene Casey had checked himself and his wife, Jencene, out of the Old Soldiers Home in Hot Springs, South Dakota.  The records show that he disgregarded the warning that they may not get back in -- and he did it anyway.  A strong minded man that wasn't easy to push around.  They were able to get back in at the end of the trip and both died at the Old Soldiers Home.  His wife looks perfectly at ease in the pictures of them, a wife that had all the confidence in the world in her husband.  The trip was very important to them. Their daughter, Lizzie Irene Casey Windle, lived in Ottumwa, Iowa and the family gathering was in her yard.  The younger folks were the families of Lizzie's children, Hazel Belle Windle Cary, Frances Windle McKelvey and her deceased son Harry Windle.  It was quite a group of people of all ages.

I am so thankful someone was a photo enthusiast.  There are pictures of the whole group, the young cousins, and individual families.  The picture on the right is my mom's immediate family.

The picture on the left is the entire group.  What a grand day that must have been.  It is a treasure to me and I suspect my grandmother, Hazel Windle Cary was the one that saw that the photos were taken, and preserved.  Thank you mom for giving me these pictures.  And thank you for giving me and David life, and therefore life for all that follow us.  I will love you forever.  Patj

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