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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Samuel Hubbard And Tacy Cooper A 1630's Power Couple

The world of Samuel and Tacy Cooper Hubbard

One of my projects for 2014 is to review my genealogical reports that I used to write for each year.  I believe that there is enough good information found in these reports,1993 thru 2007, to warrant sending the work to the FamilyHistory Library for preservation. It has been a fun project because as I read the names and events of those years I am reminded of details I have forgortten.  I felt the need to share two of those reports from the year 2001.  The first is of the couple in this story.  I am so glad I read it this evening, and became acquainted again with Samuel Hubbard and Tacy Cooper.  Let me introduce you to them. As I read the story again I can only imagine the challenge they faced in standing firm in their religious convictions.  I am proud to be their 10th great granddaughter.  


Samuel HUBBARD came to Massachusetts about 1635 as a young lad.  Being adventurous, he wanted to see what was west of Boston.  I guess our Manifest Destiny mentality was with us from the very start.  On his way west he met up with a young lady named Tacy COOPER.  Tacy was a forerunner to all of the strong minded feminists to come.  She was definitely no shrinking violet when it came to her beliefs.  

The Congregational Church was the ONLY Church in Massachusetts in those early years and the leaders wanted to keep everyone under control, thinking, and worshiping the same.  Miss COOPER refused to go to Church on Sunday.  She believed that Saturday was the Sabbath and that was when she intended to go to Church.  Samuel and Tacy were married and, of course, he adopted her strong beliefs.  

They migrated to western Massachusetts to escape the authorities and their daughter Ruth HUBBARD was the first white child born there in 1640.  Springfield, Massachusetts was still not quite far enough away from the long reach of the Church.  They were given the ultimatum, go to Church on Sunday like everyone else, or face prison.  The only alternative was to leave the Commonwealth of Massachusetts forever.  

That is exactly what they did as they moved to Rhode Island, which was founded by Roger WILLIAMS to create a place of religious freedom.  Samuel and Tacy COOPER HUBBARD were among six Charter Members of the Seventh Day Baptist Church in Newport, Rhode Island.  They spent the remainder of their long lives there and were active in Church work until the end.

Samuel and Tacy COOPER HUBBARD had four daughters and one son.  I am descended from Ruth HUBBARD, their first child, who married Robert BURDICK. 


Jennifer Meneghin said...

I'm so happy that I came across this site. I'm currently doing my family tree and am a descendent of Samuel & Tacy from their daughter, Bethia. I am so happy to hear that I am the 11th great-granddaughter of a feminist. How interesting and unique for that time of day… Thank you for sharing!

GenPatty said...

I agree, it is nice to know we have strongminded female ancestresses and Tacy was certainly that.

Raven Davis Cotter said...


I am Samuel and Tacy's 8th GGrandaughter, through Ruth Hubbard Burdick as well. I wonder how far our genetic "paths" travel through the same ancesters? Nice to read this history.

GenPatty said...

Hello Raven,
Sorry to be so late in answering your comment. I sort of took a vacation from my Blog for a few months, but I am back now. My line goes from: Hubbard>Burdick>Austin>Love>Baker>Sanford>Cary>Craig to me Patricia Craig Johnson. We probably cross paths more than once. Thanks for the comment, Patj