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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Happy Birthday To John E. Johnson Today August 21, 2014 -- It Is #82!

John and three of his siblings (1988)

His oldest five grandchildren

The last Johnson Reunion he attended (2006)

      John and his twins in Butte, Montana           

                                    John and our Harley "Collection" in 1984/1985                                     

These photos are from a file called "John's Favorites".  He would look at them when he was in the hospital.  You know they were special to him as he picked them out for me to scan.  The best way to sum up John E. Johnson is to say he was an experience.  I only hope someone says that about me someday.  I'm glad I met him, I am glad I married him, I will never forget him.
                                                               RILYA, Patj

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