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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Farewell To A Beautiful Show Kitty AKA Kitty Girl 9/11/2014

Isn't she beautiful?  I always told her she could have been a show kitty, or on TV advertising cat food, or in a movie.  Of course the main ingredient was her sweet disposition and her care taker mentality that made her beautiful.  She came into my life in June 2002 when I was in Gering, Nebraska visiting my parents.  Mom said, "Oh yes we have a cat now that lives up over the garage."  We went out to see her and she peeked around corner of the rickety old stairs and looked down at us.  She was not in a very pretty state as she had been on her own for some time and hungry, skinny, and scared.  I immediately said, "Hello Kitty Girl."  We fell in love at first sight.   We didn't even know at that point if she was even a girl at all.  My stepdad, said, "Well she can stay but she is NOT coming in the house."   A week later, when I called my Mom, she said, "Guess who is living in the house now?" And this began our life with Kitty Girl at the helm, and she definitely knew  how to become the boss.

For a year she took care of Mom and Lee and then Mom died and Lee moved to the Veteran's Home and John and I went over to Gering and picked her up.  She became a Colorado kitty then.  Elsewhere in this blog you can read about her introduction to Colorado, us, and BusterB.  Just enter Peace Accord in the search window next to the "B" at the top of THIS home page and the story will show up.  And just like us humans, she had BusterB under control in no time.

I figure she was between 18-20 years old and she was failing fast in the last few months.  It is the worst thing to have to do, but she was suffering so I had to do it and she wasn't well either.  So I have lost my last best friend.  No longer anyone waiting at home for my return from different activities. No more evening petting rituals before bedtime.  No more beauty treatments that she loved so much as I combed her and made a fuss over her.  No more extra warm foot warmer on cold winter nights.  Just like losing a human friend, it is sad.

The vet said she definitely was ready to go as it only took about 10 seconds and she was gone.  I was with her until the end, petting her and talking to her so she went peacefully and knowing she was loved.  I sat in the car for quite awhile before driving off as I was pretty emotional and figured it best not to drive in that condition.

All I can say now is that I am glad I was with her until the end. She relaxed so fast and she was out of pain and worry.  It was hard to do, but I did it because I loved her and didn't want her to suffer anymore.  I will miss her terribly, she was a good friend.  Goodbye, Kitty Girl.

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Laurel Currie said...

Oh no! So sorry to hear about this, as I know how much you loved her and were dreading this day. Well she sure had a good life with both you and grandma, and I'm pretty sure Kitty Girl was there to watch over you both. So she did a good job. RILYA.