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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Sentimental Journey To Loveland, Colorado April 21, 2015

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My first stop was McKee Medical Center.  I had to make a sad visit there to the Hospice Center to visit a long time friend, Iva Z.  She is close to ending her long journey of life and I wanted to hold her hand and whisper in her ear that I love her.  There is nothing else I can do.  I visited with her daughter and told her of my first experiences knowing her mother so many years ago.  There were family pictures on the shelf in Iva's room and what a joy to see her life as it progressed.  She was so beautiful, and one picture looked a lot like the actress, Lauren Bacall.  When I commented on that thought, her daughter said so many people have said that very same thing.  It was a nice thing to see her family and her life in pictures.  I said, "I'll bet they are sending positive vibes to Iva."  I didn't stay long as Iva was not conscience and her daughter had other things to do than visit with me.  She was very glad that I had come to see her mother.  I can only pray that Iva can endure peacefully until she is called home to be with her family that is waiting for her.  A farewell to an old friend is sad for us that have to do it.  Have a blessed trip Iva.

My next stop was the Loveland Public Library.  Image result for loveland public library
I decided to donate four of  my books to the Genealogy Room in this marvelous library.  I had the donation form filled out and an addendum that describes the books.  I gave them Katherine's Children the Meech and Huffman Families of Franklin County, Ohio; The Kentucky Ancestors of Patricia Craig Johnson, An American Story; Soft Whispers and Gentle Voices, Meet My Foremothers; Echoes of Distant Voices.

Not feeling like going home, I drove to the place in Loveland where I worked for sixteen years, the  Image result for hewlett packard loveland coHewlett Packard site.
This picture shows the parking lot full of cars -- not so today. As I drove around the four buildings I rarely saw more than three or four cars parked at each building.  As I looked at the windows of the vacant buildings I could see in my memory the 2,000 plus people that worked there when I did.  It was an amazing place to work.  I was so blessed to have been one of those 2,000 employees.  The four buildings that have tan roofs are the four HP buildings.  To the upper left is the newest building,  It is the only one that had cars in the parking lot, I was glad to see it was Keysight Technologies and it was busy. Why was I glad?  Because I am considered a Keysight retiree and my pension check is from this company now. I sure do wish it continued success! It is a spin off of Hewlett Packard/Agilent.  When I retired I was an HP employee.  I was soon an Agilent retiree and now I am a Keysight retiree.  

Finally it was well past time to go home and get ready for my two presentations coming up Saturday. But for a few hours I was happy to visit old memories and visit old places. Although it is sad to say farewell to a good friend I am glad I went to Loveland today. 

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