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Friday, July 24, 2015

Went To Oklahoma -- The Show That Is

July 12, 2015 I attended the Mid Town Dinner Theater with my friend Cathy.  What a pleasure it was to see live performers dancing, singing, and acting.  I am amazed at the talent in Fort Collins.  These folks are so energetic and full of life, and it is very contagious.

While on my trip Cathy emailed me that she could get the last tickets for the matinee on July 12.  I knew I would definitely be back by then so I could go.

We met at the theatre and were escorted to our table. We ordered our meal and enjoyed visiting until time for the show to start.

Then the curtain opened and we saw a very nicely done set, and the actors began their fun.  The young man that sang the main character, Curley, had a magnificent voice.  The young lady that played Laurie was excellent as well.  The entire cast was very professional and so handosme and pretty.  I can only say I enjoyed it immensely and thanks go to Cathy for thinking of me.

About 9:30 in the morning Glenda and Paul had stopped to see me on their way to Nebraska.  It was so good to see them.  We went to Starbucks in the Northern Hotel and visited.  They dropped me off in time for me to go meet Cathy.

This was a grand day for me.   Thanks to all,  Patj

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