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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Ending 2015 -- Busy - Fun - Appreciated


2015 -- A very good year indeed.  It started off with worry and concern for both of my daughters. 2015 -- Ends up with me feeling good about them and the rest of the family as well.  I don't especially feel good about the rest of the world though.  We have recently been witness to two mass killings. One in Colorado and one in California.  Yes, we are witnesses as wonderful technology puts us right in the middle of these heart breaking events.
     So how are we to cope with these things?  Keep moving and don't let the natural fear we feel take over our lives.  We are not able to fix the things that cause them and we must go forward.  That is enough on my "state of the world address."
     For me, I have had a good November and December.  On November 19, I presented the program at the Larimer County Genealogical Society.  My topic was "Researching at".  It was a packed room and was well received.  Ken Goldsberry announced that I had accepted the nomination for the position of Vice President for the coming term.  The election will be January 21, 2016.
     On December 7th I attended the Civil War Roundtable.  Our speaker was Geoff Ryder and the topic was "Prison of War Camps".  It was very interesting.  Geoff asked me if I would help him set up my projector and computer to use for his program. Somehow I have become the technical expert for this group.  I am not sure how that happened, but I will do it -- at least until the bulb burns out on my projector.  Down deep I know that I enjoy people thinking I am good at something.  some deep seated leftover of childhood I suppose.  Too late to analyze it at this stage of life, just go with it and try not to dig too deep.  Another gentleman asked me today if I would help him at the April meeting. Of course, I said "Yes."
     On December 12th I will be presenting my last program for 2015.  This will be at Loveland at the Mirasol Senior Community.  It is a group of gentlemen that meet monthly and invited me to speak about genealogy.  I expect it will be a fun morning.  It will be a different technology as they use a TV screen rather than a projector. Hopefully, it will work with my program.
Image result for mirasol loveland co                    

     A few years ago I applied to move into Mirasol. That never happened. But I am happy in Oakbrook I. Not nearly this luxuorious, but safe and cozy and nice. I would have to buy all new clothes to live in a place like Mirasol (g).
     One more event for 2015 is the December Social at Friday's Council Tree Chapter, DAR. That will be December 15 and should be a fun evening.
     With that, 2015 will come to a close for me.  I do not do much celebrating on Christmas.  I have had a lot of practice at being alone on holidays and have come to accept that quite nicely.  It is nice to have a quiet Christmas and think about how blessed I have been for 81 years.  I know, you may know I am actually 80 1/2 years old, but I believe we are a person from the moment of conception, so I count those 9 months as well. Heavenly Father has blessed me all of this time (only a blink of an eye in the whole scheme of things) and I am so grateful.
     I wish you and yours the very best new year ever, and the same for me. Stay tuned,Patj


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