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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Frank Liggett Obituary, Great Grandson Of Elizabeth Van Buskirk Bannon Davis

What a surprise when a lady named Kelly sent me the obituaries for Mary Vankirk Liggett Landis Allen and her son Frank Liggett and her daughter in law Ada Ward Liggett. Kelly saw my post about Henry M Liggett and the Pacifica Branch Soldier's Home in Santa Monca, California. I mentioned that Henry's son Frank moved to Berrien Co Michigan about 1917. Kelly is from that area and found these obituaries. With the click of a button, I had them on my computer -- so I am sharing them with you. Frank Liggett is the grandson of Sarah Bannon Ferguson Liggett Harris. Do you notice these ladies were very BUSY? They seemed in a perpetual state of matrimony.

I am still waiting for more documents, but have pretty well established, by a preponderance of evidence, that Elizabeth Van Buskirk (my original project) had Bannon and Davis children. And to think, a few months ago no one even considered her a child of JohnVan Buskirk and his first wife Jane Workman! I love finding new evidence, and especially for a female that has been lost to history. I am going to miss these folks when I finish this project. Believe me when I say these real people led lives as interesting as any fictional family. I hope to have more to report soon.

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