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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Nancy Davis Jenkins - Daughter of Elizabeth Van Buskirk Bannon Davis

I hesitated to publish this death certificate because the writing was so small. But, it is easier to read after I uploaded it to my blog, so you never know till you try. It was a small "bump in the road" to see her father listed as Michael Davis. However, after reviewing the 1830 Ohio census for anyone named Michael Davis -- I found none that had the right ages and gender of children in his household. James Davis had 2 males the right ages, and 2 females the right ages. It is the last census that I find James Davis anywhere. My explanation of the name Michael is that James' middle name was Michael OR the informant had a memory lapse about a person that had died so many decades ago, long before she was born. I am sure Nancy Jane knew her father's name was James --- she named her first son James. At any rate it is an example of gathering circumstantial evidence, not accurate, legal documents. So much of genealogy is based on this type of research.

Now I am waiting for two more documents. As time goes by, and I discover more clues, the official documentation will be an added bonus, but the mystery has been pretty much solved.

Oh dear, what to work on next? Don't worry, I already have another project started. Like an alcoholic, I can't finish one "bottle" without having another "bottle" in reserve.

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