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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Are You Ready? On To Delaware>Ohio>Indiana

I am about to start research on two other branches of my family. I will introduce you to them and hope you are interested enough to keep tuned for my progress.

Ancestor #1 -- Abraham Sankey 17?? - 1789, of New Castle Co Delaware. I believe Abraham Sankey is the father of my 5th great grandfather, Thomas Sankey. I know a lot about Thomas, but not much about his parents. Abraham Sankey died in New Castle Co Delaware in 1789. Abraham's oldest son, Thomas Sankey, is mentioned in his estate settlement. Of course, this is what leads me to believe it is MY Thomas Sankey they are talking about. The fact that Thomas named his oldest son, Abraham is a pretty strong indication that Thomas' father was named Abraham. So, you may ask, what is the problem here? I have learned that before jumping to conclusions, I must prove that the identity of my person is correct. There could be more than one Thomas Sankey in America in the late 1700's and early to middle 1800's. I need to be as sure as I can be that I have the right Thomas identified -- the real Thomas Sankey that is son to Abraham. I have some microfilm ordered that may help me determine this. New Castle Co Delaware Tax Lists and Orphans Court proceedings that may mention Thomas with Abraham's other minor children. I hope to have enough proof to send in a DAR supplemental application for Abraham Sankey, he served in the American Revolution from Delaware. He will be my 24th Patriot Ancestor -- if I can prove his son was my Thomas Sankey.

Ancestor #2 --- Benjamin Clifton of Sussex Co Delaware and Pickaway Co Ohio. I believe Benjamin Clifton is the father of my 3rd great grandmother, Juda Clifton Van Buskirk. Benjamin Clifton lived in Broad Creek Hundred in Sussex Co Delaware, between the Nanticoke River and Broad Creek. I have found the 1794 Will of Obediah Smith in which he names his daughter, Margaret Clifton, and her children, and among them is, Judah Clifton. Benjamin Clifton is mentioned in the final settlement of the will -- presumable for his wife's interest since women did not have much status in 1790 as far as the law was concerned. In 1807 Juda Clifton married John VanBuskirk in Ross Co Ohio. Benjamin Clifton is living near them in 1820 in Pickaway Co Ohio. I am trying to make sure I have the right Benjamin Clifton through Sussex Co DelawareTax Lists. Again, I hope to send in a DAR supplemental application for Benjamin Clifton as he served in the American Revolution from Delaware. He will be my 25th Patriot Ancestor -- if I can prove I have the right family and the right Juda and Benjamin Clifton.

I am anxious to learn more about Delaware. A new place always means a new learning experience. New geography, new history, new social customs and new records. I have just learned that there is a Delaware Divide. Similar to the Continental Divide, but much smaller. It divides the waterways of pensinula that is Delaware and Maryland. Please join me as I move on to Delaware for a new adventure.

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