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Thursday, October 4, 2007

A Farewell To Elizabeth Van Buskirk's Family

Today I read the last microfilms that may shed some light on Elizabeth Van Buskirk's life and children. I believe I have exhausted the sources on this family. I have one more item coming and that is the Civil War Pension File for Henry M Liggett. Sarah Bannon Ferguson Liggett Harris is his mother and I hope to find some clues about her there. I will finish this report tomorrow. It's late and past my bedtime.
Hello again. I am finally back, finishing the posting I started a few days ago. I wanted to recap the final steps I have taken for this family. I read the "Pickaway Co Ohio Marriages" found on FHL Microfilm # 0288393. (FHL is short for Family History Library)
1. I found all of the marriages for these folks, exactly as they were transcribed into the International Genealogical Index (IGI). I wanted to make sure that Elizabeth Van Buskirk married a JAMES Davis, not Michael Davis.
2. I found the marriage of Sarah Ann Bannon to Isaac Ferguson in 1834. Alas, no consent was given for this very young girl to marry!! She would have been about age 15/16. By 1834, her parents have died and she was probably considered lucky if she had an early marriage. What else could a young girl do in those days?
3. I found a Michael Van Buskirk married in 1815 to Susannah Davis -- hmmm - this is most likey OUR Michael Van Buskirk, but if so, there is no known evidence to support that theory. In 1824 he married the wife we know of, Anna Boyd. If he had an earlier wife there were apparently no surviving children of that union.
4. I read the "Warren Co Indiana Marriages" found on FHL Microfilm # 1976524 and found the third marriage of Sarah Ann Bannon to Charles T Harris. No mention of her parent's names. I was hoping that Indiana may have asked that question, like Iowa did, but no luck! She married Charles T Harris on 5 Nov 1864.
5. As I moved to the next page from Sarah and Charles Harris -- I found the 2nd marriage of her son, David C Ferguson to Sarah C Mann. 5 Nov 1864 -- same day, same place, same official as his mother and Charles T Harris! A double wedding.
6. I read the "Cemeteries of Auglaize Co Ohio" on FHL Microfilm # 1440605. I did not find any listing for Charles Harrison and Sarah Elizabeth Bannon Jones. She is the oldest child of John and Margaret Hesser Bannon. I have found no sign of her after 1880. She didn't seem to ever move from Auglaize Co Ohio, so I was hoping I might find an inscription in one of the cemeteries. No luck! She is only one of many that I have not been able to complete in this project.

I believe I may find additional information someday. For now I am satisfied that I have found as much as possible about this previously "lost child" of my 3rd great grandfather, John Van Buskirk and his first wife Jane Workman. I have learned to know these folks very well and I am a bit sad to leave them.

I am on to ancestors that have been "waiting in the wings" for me. I will soon post a description of my next project. These two families are Delaware families and I have not done any research in Delaware -- so it is with great anticipation that I can now turn my attention in that direction. This is why I love genealogy. Learning about new places, new customs, new types of records and new history.

Until later, patj

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