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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Henry M Liggett 1842-1909 Grandson of Elizabeth Van Buskirk

I finally had a day or so to go back to the Civil War Pension file of Henry M Liggett. I received it just before the holidays, so I set it aside to study when I had more time. It consisted of 161 pages, so it was a very interesting file to read. I wanted to post Henry's death certificate in this message, because it told what I was looking for in the first place. The name of his mother. I was sure it would be Sarah Bannon Ferguson Liggett, but to make sure I was on the right track, I ordered her son's file at NARA. Of course, I hoped to find all sorts of information, but there is never enough for a genealogist, right? What I found was a long history of Henry M Liggett and his wife Mary VanKirk. I am preparing a timeline of their lives and maybe I will get a story written about them. Once again proving that the ordinary person has an interesting story to tell. Because we are not famous, rich, or especially talented doesn't mean we don't have a story. One more reminder to pass on our story to the next generation. Who could tell it better than ourselves?

Henry M Liggett was born July 5, 1842 in St Marys, Auglaize Co Ohio. He married Mary Van Kirk in August 1865 in Warren Co Indiana. He died August 4, 1919 in the Veteran's Home in Napa County California. Between 1842 and 1909 his story traverses America from Ohio to Indiana, to Kansas, to Nebraska, to Washington, to Idaho, to California. One person described him as a "roving and unsettled disposition". This certainly is bore out by his history. I find his story very compelling, and even though he is not my direct ancestor, I want to know about him. Perhaps I will relate a bit of his history to you in this blog. Stay tuned for more. patj

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