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Saturday, March 8, 2008

I'm Back & Getting Well - March 2008

It seems ages since I posted the article about my dad. I knew I was going into the hospital on February 11 so I wanted to make sure that article got posted. I went in on February 11, and had open heart surgery on February 12. It was supposed to be an overnight stay that ended up lasting forever. I will not go into detail about the surgery, just take my word for it -- it is wonderful if you need it, but hopefully none of you will ever need it. I can not believe the wonderful response I received from all of my family and friends. I wanted to post pictures of all of the various things I received. From my "fish" picture made by my friend, Anna, age 5 to the many flowers and the "Dial & Dine" gift from Ryan & Katie. So many folks that I cannot mention them all here. The "fish" followed me from CICU to Cardiac South and back to CICU. Wherever I went it went with me. It is definitely my good luck fish. I feel I have been given a new lease on life and must make the most of the time. Coming close to eternity is an awesome sensation. I love my ancestors, I just don't want to meet them one on one quite yet.

I had several commitments that had to be cancelled. One was my program at the Larimer Co Genealogy Society on February 21. My good friend Martha stepped up and offered to cover that one for me. I gave her my overheads and she did a fantastic job. Many folks sent me messages saying how well she did the program and I was proud of her. I wouldn't have entrusted my material to anyone else.

Lesson in point -- things really do always work out. Just let things happen and it will be fine. I have definitely learned to take each day at a time, and be grateful for the gift of the day.

I have not gotten backinto my genealogy but that will be coming around soon. Right now I am concentrating on getting well. Thanks to all that have helped me in more ways than one.


GrandmaJ said...

It sounds like you have your humor back. It's wonderful you were able to write about yourself for a change. We're glad you are doing better. Although we both know some days are better than others and it's going to be a long spring. Linda

Martha said...

We are so glad that you are on the mend. The fish takes a great picture!