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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What's New In April!!

I am slowly starting to feel somewhat "normal". For the past 8 weeks life has been slow and easy and spent getting better. Lots of rest and good care have finally paid off as I am feeling better every day. I was worried for a time because I couldn't get myself motivated to dig into any serious research projects. I thought, "Oh no, don't tell me my genealogy days are over?" Many things have changed since my surgery, but that was one I did not want to happen.

Then last week I received a letter from The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR). Last fall I sent in my 24th and 25th revolutionary patriot ancestors. I heard back from my supplemental application for Abraham Sankey of New Castle County Delaware.

When I find a new patriot ancestor I immediately start trying to prove, to DAR's standards, that I have it right. It is an addiction I have, although not a harmful one. When I am finally satisfied, I send it in for their verification. If it passes their scrutiny, I know I have it as well documented as possible. That is my passion, to make sure I have done everything as accurately as possible.

At any rate, DAR is questioning Abraham Sankey's service. He is a "new patriot" and they are expecially tough on "new patriots". These are patriots that have not been recognized by DAR before this. Believe it or not, there are many thousands of patriots that have not been brought to the attention of DAR. It is especially rewarding to find one and prove his patriotism. The service record I sent, for Abraham Sankey, happened to be a "fines list". This showed that he paid a 15 schilling fine for missing two muster calls of the New Castle County Militia. To me, this didn't indicate that he was not a loyal member of the militia -- it merely meant he missed two practice sessions.

So I started looking for further proof of service. I have two years to clear this up, but I needed a challenge, so I went to work on it immediately. I am presently waiting for pages from a couple of books that may help in this. I have learned that Libraries are the nicest places if you find one that has a book you are interested in. No matter how far away, they will usually oblige you by copying pages and mailing them to you. Of course, finding the book and finding the Library is dependent on your Internet searching skills. It was exactly what I needed to "get back in the groove".

I have yet to receive my pages, but when I do I will report it and let you know if it paid off. I am convinced that Abraham Sankey was a loyal patriot and I will try my best to have him recognized as such. I feel it is the least I can do for these ancestors that stepped up in the face of great odds and took a stand.

Stay tuned for a full report. patj

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