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Friday, April 4, 2008

Abraham Sankey's Oath of Allegance

Thanks to the Mid-Continent Library in Independence, Missouri I received the proof that Abraham Sankey signed the Delaware Oath of Allegiance. He signed on 19 August 1778 in New Castle County. This is definitely proof, for DAR, of his patriotism. Why? Had we lost the Revolution, these lists of signers would have been charged with treason and probably hung by the British!! These Oaths were signed to show support and it was no small thing to put your signature on one. The person was declaring they were no longer loyal to King George III. It was putting your life, possessions, land, and family on the line. My main purpose in pursuing this was to prove to myself that Abraham was indeed a patriot. The fact that I had sent DAR a list of men that paid fines for not reporting to their militia roll call left some doubt in my mind. If he had not been a legitimate patriot I would have dropped the whole thing and not pursued it. I feel good that I have done this for my 6th great grandfather. It is the least I can do. So Abraham Sankey was indeed a revolutionary Patriot and may he rest in peace.

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