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Sunday, April 13, 2008

What??? Pat's Harley???

While visiting with a friend on last Saturday, I mentioned that I used to ride a motorcycle. She was surprised to hear this. Why? I don't know as it seems perfectly normal to me!! Then I got to thinking that many folks don't have a clue about that period in my life. They know me thru genealogy or DAR or the Family History Center. But, that I rode a Harley for 10 years is a surprise to them. I decided to post some motorcycle pix that show this era. The first is my first trip to Sturgis. A kind passerby said he would take the picture of John and me --- and I am grateful that he did. The second picture is me on my first tour on my Harley. This picture was taken in Northern New Mexico in 1984. My bike was a 1979 80 cubic inch Harley Super Glide. She was beautiful turquoise and she was tempermental! I had a love hate relationship with her and her name was "Echo". I later owned a 1987 80 cubic inch Harley Heritage, and it was so reliable it was boring. When I dream of a motorcycle it is "Echo" I dream of. I bought her before I could even ride her. Talk about a leap of faith!! I was 48 years old before I ever was on a Harley, and then I decided to learn to ride my own bike. It was an experience like no other. The feeling of freedom was unbelievable. You pit yourself against all sorts of odds. The weather, bad roads, construction, etc, etc and when you finally make it home you feel good about making it, safe and sound. I rode for 10 years and then it seemed our reflexes weren't as keen as necessary for the heavy traffic, and John had a stoke. It was time to sell our bikes and live on the memories. Fortunately, I wrote stories about most of our trips and experiences. Sometimes we take out a story and relive that time of our lives. The fact that we never had an accident and were never hurt is an accomplishment. Especially when you are just learning and don't have many skills yet. Never mind short legs and short arms and being a woman! So many obstacles, but it shows that anything is possible, doesn't it? I would not trade the experience for anything. Is it for everyone? Of course not, but at that time I could not imagine not having a Harley. Click on the pix to enlarge them.

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GrandmaJ said...

I can remember once or twice Pat & John visiting us in Soda Springs while riding their Harley's. I have a picture somewhere, it's not digital.