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Saturday, June 21, 2008

June 2008!!

My goodness, June has been a busy month, and much has happened genealogically speaking. My collection of Delaware wills has grown this month with the addition of John Morton (1742) Mathias Morton (1785) and Andrew Morton, Jr (1802). Mathias Morton is my newest American Revolutionary Patriot. He signed the Delaware Oath of Allegiance in 1778, and his son is Ebenezer Morton, whose daughter is Hannah Morton (married to Thomas Sankey). Someday I will take the time to try to figure out these families. At least I have the wills to help in that regard.

I decided to appeal to the Delaware State Archives for help in locating someone familiar with their records, plus familiar with DAR requirements. I wanted to find a reseacher that knows where things are at the Archives. I am sure there is something to help prove AbrahamSankey's "unfailing" loyalty to the American cause. On June 2nd I received a message from a lady named Anne from Dover, Delaware. The folks at the Archives had given her my contact information. She is the Delaware Lineage Research Chairman (how lucky can I get?) I called her and talked for quite a while, telling her my sad story about Abraham Sankey. She lives only five miles from the Archives and goes there almost daily! She said she would keep a lookout for anything that would help. I felt as if I had a "genie angel". It was June 20 when she called and told me that she was going to DAR in Washington, DC to appeal to their resistance to accepting Delaware tax payers as patriots. Because Delaware took war supply taxes out of the general fund they should count as civil service during the war. She wil use Abraham Sankey as a test case in her proposal to DAR. I will sit tight and hope she is successful. If so, Abraham Sankey will likely be accepted as a patriot, which I know he was.

I have helped a number of folks this month. A lady named Linda needed help on Closs Thompson and Jane Jones. I sent her the instructions for reading their marriage bond on this blog. Also how to order from the Family History Library, Craig Hart's book "The Descendants of Closs and Jane Jones Thompson".

A man named David is attempting to join SAR with Daniel McGlaughlin as his patriot. I sent him contact information with Steven McLaughlin who joined SAR with Daniel McGlaughlin as his patriot. I didn't feel comfortable sending David the application of Steven without permission. It is best if he gets it from him personally without me in the middle.

Most exciting of all --- I am starting a new book. "Soft Whispers and Gentle Voices -- Meet My Foremothers" It will be entirely about the ladies in my lineage. In six generations I have 29 foremothers on my maternal side and 22 on my paternal side. That's a big order -- to write about each 0f them. I know a great deal about some and just a little about others, but they will all have a place in the book. It is my favorite "hunt", looking for my female ancestors.

So with July creeping around the corner, I have plenty of projects to keep me busy. Also new things to learn -- especially when reviewing the ladies as I write about them. As I said here before, "reviewing is a GOOD thing!"

And then, of course, there are always the chores like mowing the lawn, cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc etc etc. Actually, I am grateful to be able to do them (honest).

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