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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Coon/Colegrove Family Bible

As I am writing my book about my foremothers, it is fun to go through my family binders to see what I can find about these ladies. I want to include pictures, newspaper obituaries, tombstone pictures, and other things I may have in my files. I think it will make my book much more interesting -- plus it will be a way of preserving some of the material I have gathered in the years of my genealogical research. As I began to write about my 4th great grandmother, Ama Anna Colegrove, I found the pages from the Family Bible that unlocked the parents of Henrietta Coon Thompson. I decided to share this on my blog as it may be helpful to others in the future. It was due to finding Jesse Cook that I found this important piece of evidence. He is also descended from Ama Anna. I am from her daughter, Henrietta and he is from her daughter Laurietta. Because his mother copied what she saw in 1910 we have wonderful information that would have been long lost otherwise.

This copy from the family Bible enabled several of Ama Anna's female descendants to join DAR. Like me, many had been stopped with the lack of proof of the link between Job Coon (Ama Anna's husband) and Matthew Coon, an American Revolutionary Patriot. By finding Jesse Cook, and by him sharing what he had, we all benefited. Thus, I am sharing here in order to pass it on.
Thanks too, to Jesse's mother, Esta Low, for copying what she saw in 1910.
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