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Friday, August 15, 2008

Abraham Sankey --- Newly Verified American Revolutionary Patriot

Today I learned that my ancestor, Abraham Sankey has at long last been verified as an American Revolutionary Patriot. It has been a tough case. But that is why I submit them to DAR -- for the challenge they often become.

Abraham Sankey did three things that means he was a patriot. He served in the New Castle Delaware 2nd Regiment of Milita; he signed the Delaware Oath of Allegiance; and he paid the Supply Tax required by the State of Delaware to support Delaware's debt for the American Revolution.

The fact that the DAR has verified him also means they concur with my lineage for his son, Thomas Sankey and his wife Hannah. Also that Thomas Sankey is the son of Jane Scott Sankey -- not some unknown first wife. All of these things are what motivates me to submit supplementals to the DAR.

My hat is off to Abraham Sankey. I felt it was the least I could do to honor him.

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