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Friday, August 22, 2008

Soft Whispers and Gentle Voices -- Pays Off Again

I changed the cover of my book when I found a delightful picture I wanted to use. I contacted the lady that posted the image on the Intenet and she gave me permission to use it on my book cover. Don't you agree she is beautiful? To me she is timeless and all of my foremothers were young and beautiful at one time, so she represents all of them.

The book is paying off for me. I found another foremother on my dad's side! Jane Poulter married to James Arterburn. Years ago I had seen this lady but had little to document her as an ancestress. However, because I am "googling" ladies I need more info on, I found a tremendous amount of work has been done to prove this lady IS the mother of Eliza Arterburn. So now I have 23 foremothers on my dad's side.

Another new foremother is Mary Ross. She is Obediah Smith's first wife and mother of Margaret Smith Clifton! This was forwarded to me from a lady in Delaware that is studying Delaware land records. Mary Ross was the minor daughter of Robert Ross in Worchester Co Maryland (later Sussex Co Delaware.) When she and her mother and brother released the title to her father's land, she was married to Obediah Smith! Lucky for me Lisa, in Delaware, knew I was researching Obediah and she forwarded the information to me. I thought that Margaret's mother would be impossible to find. And she would have -- except for a little thing called "networking".

Stay tuned for more details about these wonderful ladies and what I know about them. All 52 of them -- that is the number of foremothers for my dad and my mom in six generations.

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