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Friday, September 26, 2008

Farewell To Abraham Sankey, New Castle County Delaware

I am bidding farewell to Abraham Sankey. With the receipt of my certificate from DAR this chapter is closed on Abraham -- for the immediate future at least. Of course, there is plenty to find out about him, but for now I will let it rest. He was a challenge to the verification procedure at DAR, but in the end I proved he was a patriot. You may ask why I go through this process. One reason is that it is my way to have my ancestors credited with the service they provided to the cause of American Independence. Another reason is that it assures me that I have my documentation as accurate as possible so I feel I have it right. In this case I reviewed, and found information that makes my documentation more secure. I found that he didn't have an earlier wife than Jane Scott, as so many other descendants have proclaimed. I found that his son Thomas was born in 1770 not 1764, as so many other descendants have proclaimed. I found that there is a definite connection to the Morton family through the estate left to his minor children. Andrew Morton was one of the guardians that assured fair distribution of the estate for the children. For a time I was heavily involved in these families and discovered a great deal of new information. It also led me to my next Revolutionary Patriot for the DAR. I have been heavily involved in other projects, but Matthias Morton will soon grace the desk of the genealogists at DAR. The final thing I do after a Revolutionary Patriot project is successful is to order the certificate for that ancestor. It is like the final step for that patriot. Thus, I say farewell to Abraham Sankey, one of my 6th great grandfathers.

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