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Sunday, October 12, 2008

"Soft Whispers and Gentle Voices" Epilogue

On October 11, 2008 I took the "book" to Staples and had it printed. It looks so nice and I hope my descendants will enjoy it. As a farewell to these ladies I decided to share the Epilogue. As always, when I finish a book I miss it for awhile. A book becomes so much a part of me that it is like saying farewell to a friend. The young lady that graces the cover has also become like a friend. There is something about her that haunts me. Although she is not a real person, she has found a special place in my heart and in my conscience. I am now ready to start a new project. I have not received my "orders" yet, but I am sure they will be arriving soon.


This has been one of the most rewarding projects I have worked on. Not only did I learn more about my foremothers by reviewing and updating their information, but I learned about a couple of new foremothers. As I read and reread their files I connected very strongly to all of these ladies. Previously I learned about them in connection with their husbands and children, but in this exercise they were the primary focus. This was a delightful writing project.

The lady on the cover is an image I found on the Internet and Karen Hatzigeorgiou gave me permission to use it.

To me she represents any, and all, of my foremothers when they were young. Whether they lived a long life, or a short one, they all were young and beautiful at one time. Before the struggles of life and heartache took their toll, they were playful and full of hope. This young lady from the early 1900’s represents all of them to me.

May you each come away with a new sense of appreciation for the ladies that went before ---- before you and before me. Enjoy my foremothers.



Sarah said...

What an accomplishment! I love reading everything you write. You really have a talent with words. Hopefully someday (with a little more time on my hands) I will be able to write a little bit of my family history. The kids blogs will have to do for now.

GenPatty said...

Hi Sarah,
Yes, you are plenty busy right now but in fact you are writing family history as we speak (g). In about 20 years, when you have time, you will be a practiced writer. Keep up the good work you do on your own blog.
Love, aunt patj