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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lucinda Teall Sanford

The above image is similar to what Lucinda Teall witnessed as a youngster during the war of 1812. She told stories of this to her children, including my 3rd great grandfather, William Oliver Sanford.

Lucinda Teall 1796-1844

Lucinda Teall and Timothy Sanford were married 17 Sep 1818 in Killingworth, Middlesex County, Connecticut. This is the area where Lucinda grew up and her family was from this part of Connecticut.

Lucinda was the youngest in a family of nine children. Her parents were Benjamin Teall and Catherine Willard.

Lucinda was a mystery to me for a long time. All I knew was her father's name. That information was left to me in William Oliver Sanford's story. When I finally "solved the case" it was a great breakthrough. It led to many other early New England families and to our link to the Kings and Queens of England, as well as to William the Conqueror. It had a great impact on me --- it made me determined to try with all of my skill to find the lineage of ALL of my ancestresses. This has proved a great challenge, but I am finding them one by one. Each one opens up many others to solve, but the results are definitely worth the effort!

Lucinda grew up on the shores of Long Island Sound in southern Connecticut, in the area of Saybrook. Her mother died when she was quite young and many sisters and brothers took care of her until she reached womanhood. She related many stories to her children of her memories of the War of 1812. Long Island Sound was the scene of many naval battles, as well as, battles between the British ships and the land batteries that were preventing the British from landing.

At the age of twenty one she migrated to New York, escorted by her brother-in-law, Samuel Hull. While crossing the Hudson River on ice, her horse broke through and she saved herself by jumping from the saddle and finding ice solid enough to hold her weight. Finally the horse was rescued and Lucinda and Samuel Hull (Sabrina Teall's husband) continued on their journey. Just another example of how thin the thread of life really is. There have been so many people that had close calls that would have prevented me from being who I am!

She raised a family of eight children, doing the many chores necessary to feed and clothe them. She had a pleasant disposition and was kind and gentle to all she met. She was born 22 January 1796 in Guilford, Connecticut. She died on 18 Apr 1844 and is buried in Woodford Cemetery at Candor, Tioga County New York.

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