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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Why I Always Answer Requests For Information

Call me superstitous, call me scared, call me cautious, but I always answer when another genealogist asks me for information. I have this deep rooted feeling that to not do so will cause the genealogy well to dry up. I say "I don't want to make Elijah mad". Elijah is the Old Testament Prophet that said "the hearts of the children will turn to their fathers." I believe he was foretelling the great interest in genealogy that exists today. I also believe if I don't repay the help I have received -- I won't get anymore help. At any rate, it has worked for me since 1990 and I don't think I will take any chances.

This morning I found an excellent website on Cyndi's List. I was very impressed with the way the author arranged his data and made it easy to follow and search for names. I decided to send him a note and tell how much I enjoyed his site. I also said I found only one of MY ancestor couples on his list -- Ann Bliss and Robert Chapman. I figured that would be the end of the story.

Later in the morning Dave sent me a descendants list of Ann Bliss and Robert Chapman and asked if I had anything to add. So I replied with my line that descends from Ann Bliss and Robert Chapman down to William Oliver Sanford. (I am from another child than he is so my list is different.) Again, I thought this was the end of it.

A little bit later Dave asked again if there was more I could add. I replied by asking what he was looking for in particular. He said "Anything I don't already have!" By now I was getting a little frustrated, but rememebring my vow to not anger Elijah, I sent a descendants list from William Oliver Sanford down to my mother.

In the afternoon Dave sent a message thanking me for sending the information. He connected to my Lucinda Teall Sanford thanks to my answer. His ancestress, Sabrina Teall Hull is Lucinda's sister!!

Of course, I was glad that my information helped someone else. That is the REAL reason for genealogy in the first place.

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