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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A DAR Approved Website For Friday's Council Tree Chapter, NSDAR

After a long wait, we finally have a DAR approved website. Please visit our site and learn about us.

"We are a new DAR chapter founded June 1, 2008, and organized September 16, 2008. We are 15 members strong. We value and respect all of our members and are especially proud of our one 58 year DAR Member; one 45 year DAR member; one 32 year DAR member; two 20 year DAR members; three Juniors; and one new by application member. We plan to grow in the Windsor/Timnath Colorado area and advance DAR principles and projects."

The main thought is "We value and respect all of our members". We are already planning some very interesting projects. Stay tuned for more news as it unfolds.

The image of Chief Friday is furnished with permission of the artist, Shelley Kerr. Her sculpture of Chief Friday is located at Horsetooth and Shields in Fort Collins, Colorado. patj

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