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Monday, January 12, 2009

Mom's The Word January 2009

My mother’s birthday is coming on January 29th and it is a time of the year that I think of her more than usual. I think of her every day and probably will forever, but in January I think extra special thoughts of her. Six years ago, in 2003, I was problem solving a broken water heater, extreme vehicle repairs, and the usual winter anxieties. I wanted to have all of these things settled so I could go see my mom on January 29th. I didn’t really think long about not going, but it would have been an easy out. Much easier to stay home and just call. I am so grateful I did go, as that was the last time I saw her in this life.

The water heater was replaced, the car was repaired and the weather turned unusually warm and nice. The drive to Western Nebraska was a pleasant one. We had such a nice time it will always be a special memory for me. Not that we did anything dramatic or expensive. Mostly just visiting and taking rides and getting ice cream cones and shopping, with a stop for lunch. We always made a trip to the Dollar General store. We could spend a lot of time there, and not spend much money.

The day after her birthday we drove to Hot Springs South Dakota for my step dad’s appointment at the Veteran’s Hospital. I took them out for lunch after the appointment. I drove them up to the Old Soldiers Home in Hot Springs. I say "up" because it is situated in the hills (the Black ones of course) outside of the town. Mom was especially interested in this as this is where her great grandparents, Eugene and Jencene Casey lived in the 1920's and 1930's. She could remember as a little girl hearing this couple tell of their new home at the Old Soldiers Home in far off South Dakota. It sounded like a foreign country to a little girl in Iowa. Now she was seeing it first hand.

The four days I was there was wonderful and I hated to leave. I will never have a place to go back home to now. It’s a funny thing, wherever my mom lived, it was like going home when I went there. Obviously, it wasn’t the place – it was her.

As I left that Friday, after lunch, mom was standing at the corner of the yard waving as I drove away. This was her trademark. It was as if it was a good wish or a good omen to be on watch as I drove away. I think she is still watching over me, even now. She was the best mom in the World and I miss her. I am so fortunate to have her for my mom, now and forever.


Lewis' Journey said...

Thanks for sharing your memories of Grandma with us. I always enjoy reading your stories!

Happy New Year! Sorry Zoe and I haven't been able to keep in better touch! We Love You!!!

RILYA and Best Wishes,

Sarah said...

Mom's seem to have a way of making us feel so loved!