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Thursday, January 1, 2009

North America's First Census - 1624/1625 - The Virginia Colony Including Jamestown

"King James I ordered Virginia's leaders to make a record of the colony's inhabitants and their provisions. This census-known as the 1624/5 Muster-is the first comprehensive account of households in British North America.The 1624/5 Muster is a house-to-house survey that contains information about the location of households in Virginia, the individuals in each household and the ties that connected the colony's early residents to one another. The census-takers also made note of each household's provisions, buildings, boats, arms and ammunition, and livestock. The names of individuals who died during 1624 is part of the muster."

This site takes you to another time and another world. When you are transported back to 2009, you will have a better understanding of 1624/1625. Oh my, what wonders do exist on the Internet.

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