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Saturday, April 18, 2009

The "Lexington Alarm" April 19, 1775

Let us honor the patriots that answered the “Lexington Alarm” on April 19, 1775. It was at dawn on that day that the Red Coats were met on the Lexington Green by 70 determined Minute Men. Eight of those men fell from the British attack.

When news spread of the battle, men came from the surrounding Colonies to show that they would stand and fight the mighty British Empire. The American Revolution was begun, 234 years ago today. It would be eight years until the end, but this day was the beginning and it was filled with a united call to duty.

The very first American Revolutionary Patriot I found in my family was Ebenezer Sanford. He answered the "Lexington Alarm" on that day. He also continued to serve in the American Revolution until May 1, 1778. On that day we was drowned at West Point as he helped install the famous chain across the Hudson River. His wife Esther Hotchkiss gave birth to a son, Amos, on April 27, 1778, just days prior to Ebenezer's death. There were two patriotic heros in the Sanford family, as Esther went on to raise their large family alone.

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