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Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Grand Tea Party In Windsor, Colorado

After three days of rain, snow and sleet, the skies cleared on April 19th. They were beautiful, sunny and blue. It was a gorgeous day for a DAR party. Thirty six ladies met to commemorate the 234th anniversary of the Battle of Lexington and Concord. This was the first day of the American Revolution, just the beginning of eight long years of war with England.

A short description of that day, in 1775, was read to welcome the guests. The Chaplain gave the invocation, and the Treasurer led the group in the patriotic exercises. Colorado State Society Officers were introduced. Guests that are members of other chapters stood and introduced themselves.

The attendees that are descended from patriots that answered the Lexington Alarm came to the front and answered the roll call for their patriots. Each gave the name, rank, and state of service.

The guests then served themselves and spent the next hour socializing, buying voices for the beautiful handmade quilt and getting to know each other. Just before 4:00, the winning voice was drawn and the quilt was given to a very lucky member of our chapter. She was very happy to take home such a beautiful quilt. The quilt was made and donated to the chapter by a prospective member. It was all shades of blue and in a Victorian pattern.

It was a grand day. A very relaxing, enjoyable, and fun experience. It definitely had the feeling and atmosphere of the great sisterhood that DAR is all about. The room was excellent, the food was delicious, the favors were adorable, the comradeship was the best. It was, as I said, “A Grand Day.”

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