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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thomas Griggs Record From September 6, 1783

I recently received, thru InterLibrary Loan, a microfilm from the State Library of Virginia. On page 361 of Commissioners Book II I found the public claim for my ancestor, Thomas Griggs. Near the end of the American Revolution the State of Virginia paid the citizens for their support of the Army while engaged in Virginia.

1. The top arrow indicates the date of the claim
2. The next arrow indicates the place of the court which was Augusta County.
3. The bottom arrow indicates Thomas Griggs' claim for providing flour to the Army.

I find it fascinating that I can obtain a record of 226 years ago. The reason it is important in my research is that the DAR accepts service between April 19, 1775 (the Lexington Alarm) and November 26, 1783 (the British evacuated New YorkCity). This claim proves patriotic service and support for the United States of America in the Revolution. I have a supplemental waiting at DAR to be verified and this is added proof of Thomas Griggs, should it be challenged.

Besides that it is a great piece of evidence about Thomas Griggs of Monongalia County Virginia. Monongalia County was formed out of Augusta County in 1774. I imagine Monongalia did not have their court system set up yet, in 1783. The citizens were probably too busy surviving the War to get that done so soon.

Thomas Griggs has long been one of those ancestors that lives in the deep recesses of my mind. I still know little about him, but I do know he was a patriot.

I am descended from one of his younger daughters, Phebe Griggs Stansbury.

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