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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Harriet Ann Rowden & Luther E Johnson Married July 27, 1877

Because I am in the midst of downsizing and sorting things I decided to scan this photo and share it with others that may be descended from this couple. This is Harriet Ann Rowden and Luther E Johnson. These are John's great grandparents. I think that this picture was taken on their 40th wedding anniversary, July 27, 1917. John is descended from John Rowden Johnson, their third child. The family information is displayed in the FamilyGroup Record. If you left double click on the image it will enlarge for you. When the picture is enlarged I can see the years of hard work and life's sorrow in their faces, yet they perservered and carried on. I feel lucky to have found this photo and that I am able to share it. patj

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