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Monday, November 2, 2009

The Courage To Change The Things You Can

One of my favorite prayers is the"Serenity Prayer". The words are very comforting and keep me thinking positively. I especially like the sentence that says, "Have the courage to change the things I can." I have been using that lesson lately. The futility of dwelling on things I can do nothing about is a total waste of time. However, there are things I can and must do to take care of the here and now and that is where the courage comes in. It takes courage to plan the days alone now. It takes courage to take care of the household chores when it would be easier to just sit and look at them. It takes courage to keep going and face each day as a new chance to accomplish something. It takes courage to step out and be among people when I feel like I am not adequate. The nice thing is that folks are so nice and want to help and then I feel better for not giving in to the "I'll just stay home alone, its easier" syndrome.

I think I have been using my favorite words well. There are so many decisions to make and things to sort out. I often wonder if I will ever be content again. I didn't even know I WAS content until now, and as I look back, I realize I was and didn't even appreciate it.

Can you tell Iam in a bit of a mental fix right now? For me, this blog has been a life saver. Writing has always been my best therapy. I often think that the people addicted to drugs to help cope with life should try writing. It works very well, is cheaper and not nearly so dangerous.

Until later, patj

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