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Monday, January 18, 2010

Dorothy O Cary Craig Evelyn Johnston 1918-2003

As I celebrate her birthday, I have to say “Thank you, Mom” one more time. Here are her latest descendants. She would be so proud to know them and hold them and love them.

My mother would have been age 92 on January 29, 2010. She passed away on March 14, 2003 at age 85. She has left this World, but she still lives through her descendants. All of the time we spend accumulating things and doing things in our lives boils down to the only thing of importance in the long run --- our descendants. Without them, we are gone when we die. Of course we live in the memories of our family and friends, but all to soon they are gone as well. That is okay for many folks. But for me, it is not enough, and I am grateful for my mom, and being one of her descendants.

Why be grateful? Because it is so much easier to not have descendants. Less heartache, less worry, less physical work, less expense. But, on the other hand, also less joy, less contentment and less exercise, less budgeting skills learned.

She had one daughter (Me) and one son (David), two granddaughters (Cindy & Laurel) two grandsons (Paul and James) two great grandsons (Chad and Ryan) one great granddaughter (Logan) and two great great grandsons (Jack and Grant). This is a relatively small family, but to think of it not existing is “unthinkable”. Eleven people owe their existence to her. Not her alone, of course, but impossible without her.

I am looking forward to the future, but I am saying to the past "Happy Birthday Mom"

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